Lama Fun

Here is a cute video, taken by a visitor to our ranch. The lamas (plural, meaning both llamas and alpacas) are supposed to go into the barn at dusk, but they decided to run around the yard a little first!

If normal LEFT-clicking only produces a blank screen, which you have to "X" out of to escape (assuming the back-arrow doesn't work), please try again, but RIGHT-click and open the video in a new tab or window.

Needing to right-click may have something to do with all your browsing software not being of the same "vintage" or currently up-to-date. It's a common problem. Sigh..

You do NOT need to join or be a member of FaceBook to watch this video. Just click "Continue" and it will play. Enjoy!

Lama Video

And here is the very catchy and addictive Llama Song (same directions as above, but click "Play"):

Llama Song

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