Elaine McNichols
7611 Yachats River Road
Yachats,    OR    97498
(541) 547-5125

StarShine Ranch House


Who We Are

StarShine Ranch is 21 beautiful acres of pasture and woodland, 7.5 miles up the the Yachats (that's YAH-hots) River, on the central Oregon coast.

What We Do

We raise and sell peacocks, their feathers and eggs. (Eggs for eating, not hatching. Raising orphans is too difficult!) We also keep rescued llamas, alpacas, and goats, to mow the grass and keep the brush in check.

We sell small amounts of firewood, kindling, raw fiber, and composted manure. And we find and press 4-leaf clovers; we even have a few 5- and 6-leaf clovers to offer you for GOOD LUCK!

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